One Piece Movie Z Edit

Five World War: Maiden of the God SlayersEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Devil Fruit Edit

Return-Return Fruit
Nami Transformed into Child by Modo Modo no Mi

The Return-Return Fruit in use.


This grants Ain the ability to regressive the age of anything or anyone by Twelve. This can not only weaken or incapacitate an opponent, but also attack enemies in creative ways: for example, by transforming igneous rock back into its original state, this causes lava to erupt from the ground and injure an opponent, while reverting the ground back into a solid state after the foe is wedged into it to entomb them. If use enough times on someone if can effectively kill someone by reverting them to a time before they were born. Effectively erasing them from existence.


Ain is extremely skilled in dual wielding her daggers in reverse grip.


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