Levy McGarden (レビィ・マクガーデン Rebī Makugāden) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. She is the leader of Shadow Gear.[1] She was a member of Magic Council's Custody Enforcement Unit, but after the defeat of Avatar, she left to rejoin Fairy Tail. She is currently a soldier in the 2nd Division


History (Fairy Tail Manga)Edit

Five World War PrologueEdit

Five World War Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

March On, Allied ForcesEdit

Clover Town ArcEdit

Kunugi Town ArcEdit

Magnolia ArcEdit


Acts Of OrderEdit

Natsu DragneelEdit

Monkey D. LuffyEdit

2nd DivisionEdit

Hinata HyuugaEdit

Gajeel RedfoxEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though not as strong some of the members of her guild. Levy has proven before in small ways. She decoded the Freed's Rune Magic during the Fantasia Arc. She was able to hold her own against Kawazu and Yowazu during the Tenrou Island Arc and saved Gajeel Redfox from drowning during the Tartoros Arc.

During the batlle of Clover Town, she was able to save Darui and Love Aikawa from Caesar Clown's Gas-Gas Fruit and fight on with the latter along side Lisanna Strauss before defeating the latter. She was then able to fight on par with Gladius wit the help Hiashi Hyuuga and his clan and even injure a few times impressing Hiashi. She able to hold on against Kakazu for while as well.

Keen IntellectEdit


Solid Script (固体文字, ソリッドスクリプト, Soriddo Sukuriputo): True to her boundless interest in books, Levy's Magic is also focused around writing and words: Solid Script, a form of Letter Magic, allows her to generate words in the air and make them solid, subsequently throwing them at the enemies with different effects. To create such words, Levy is shown performing gestures with one or both of her hands, depending on the spell.

  • Solid Script: Stairway
  • Solid Script: Air: ( Soriddo Sukuriputo Ea): Levy writes "Air" in midair and the materialized word ignites, engulfing a person's head with an air bubble to provide breathing in underwater situations, or being exposed to poisonous gases.
  • Solid Script: Fire (Soriddo Sukuriputo Faia)
    Solid Script Fire

    Levy casting: Solid Script Fire

    Levy extends her right arm, with her index and middle fingers outstretched, to the right, describing an arc before her. This prompts the word "Fire" to appear in the air, this being composed of flames.
  • Solid Script: Guard: Levy writes a word "Guard" in the air, which creates a barrier and protects her from her opponent's attacks.
  • Solid Script: Wall:
  • Solid Script: Ice:
  • Solid Script: Thunder: Levy points her fingers into the air and shoots the word "Thunder" at her targeted enemies.
  • Solid Script: Tornado:
  • Solid Script: Explosion:
  • Solid Script: Restrain:
  • Solid Script: Thunderbolt:
  • Solid Script: Counter:
  • Solid Script: Barrier:
  • Solid Script: Sword:
  • Solid Script: Stone:
  • Solid Script: Twister:
  • Solid Script: Door:
  • Solid Script: Antidote:
  • Solid Script: Broadcast:
  • Solid Script: Hole:


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