In the name of Justice you say? I gladly become a demon if it is defeat you and your justice -Chapter 33 Falling Apart



History (Fairy Tail Manga)Edit

Mirajane was born as sibling of Elfman Strauss and Lisanna Strauss
Mirajane bullying Macao and Wakaba

Mirajane as a child

. Their died unknown reasons leaving them orphaned. At around the age of 13, Mirajane helped the townspeople by defeating a Demon that had taken over the church. However, being unaware of her magical abilities at the time, she took on some of the said creature's appearance, being scorned by the townspeople and believing herself to be a monster. The townspeople eventually drove her and siblings away from town.

They eventually they found themselves in Magnolia and found their way to Fairy Tail and learning from Makarov Dreyar that she was a Magic known as Take-Over and agreed to join the guild. Despite this though, Mirajane still believed herself to be a monster, and attempted to leave Magnolia; however, she was stopped by Elfman and Lisanna, who had learned their own versions of Take-Over so that their older sister wouldn't be alone. Mirajane was moved by this and learned how better control Magic.

During her childhood she would get herself in brawl quite with her at the Erza Scarlet
Mira's gothic look

Mirajane's Gothic appearance

. She even frequently bullied her older guild mates she would tease Natsu Dragneel but a had soft spot and found him cute when cried. As she grew older, her abilities increased tremendously, and in the year X781, at the age of 16 she took the S-Class Trials and she became an S-Class Wizard when passed.

One year after the trial she and siblings were on mission when Lisanna was supposedly killed by Elfman who lost control of his magic. But in truth was sent to Edolas and her body with counterpart who had died.

After the incident her personality change dramatically abandoned her bullying tendencies and became the sweet and motherly figure beloved by the guild today. She also lost her will to fight and the vast majority of her Magic Power.

Mirajane meets Lucy Heartfillia when first arrives at the Guild and a large scale brawl begins due to Natsu Dragneel. Lucy wonders if she is supposed to stop it but she brushes it off telling her that if happens often on which she her younger brother Elfman crashes into her.

Five World War PrologueEdit

Summit Invasion Arc Edit

Mirajane along with the rest her guild were informed by their Master Makarov that an attendant from Chitsujo's world who informed him about the existence of other worlds besides Edolas and to attend a summit with two bodyguards. She also there so see her Master off the summit along with Nastu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet.

Post-Invasion ArcEdit

During the attack on Chitsujo's Palace, Magnolia was invaded by the Coalition. The Guild not prepared for this fight and outnumbered retreated and helped evacuate the civilians to Crocus. When Makarov returned they then began preparations for the war. Makarov wanted to bring Mirajance as one of his repatriations for Division Commander. But She declined saying she would make a terrible Commander.

Five World War Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

Mirajane Strauss was placed in the 3rd Division as a Captain.

Introduction Arc (Fairy Tail Campaign)Edit

During the March. Mirajane was talking to Boa Hancock and Rangiku Matsumoto when they over heard Freed Justine, Bickslow and Franky saying perverted comments about them. Hancock was angry about, Rangiku didn't mind saying that if got flaunt it. Mirajane said part of agreed another part of her wanted to scratch their eyes out until they can no longer see taking on a demonic glare.

First Hargeon ArcEdit

When the 3rd Division approached Hargeon. Mirajane along with the other Division Captains summoned by Kakashi Hatake to plan the attack. Mirajane listened in silence to Kakashi's Battle plan and her instructions. Which was to lead flying squad once the signal was given and take out sentries on the rooftops. She thought in silence about the war which she had hoped never be in one in her life. She asked Kakashi if the guilt of killing ever goes away? Kakashi simply said that the first kill never goes away.

Second Hargeon ArcEdit

Magnolia ArcEdit

Tenrou ArcEdit


Acts of Order Edit

Natsu Dragneel Edit

3rd Division Edit

Kakashi Hatake Edit

Like all other Fairy Tail members, she sees Kakashi as an honorary member of Fairy Tail.

Laxus Dreyar Edit

Kensei Muguruma Edit

Like all other Fairy Tail members, she sees Kensei as an honorary member of Fairy Tail.

Toshiro Hitsugaya Edit

Like all other Fairy Tail members, she sees Toshiro as an honorary member of Fairy Tail. She seems rather fond of Toshiro, even admitting she finds him very cute, like a big sister would think of her younger brother, and despite his cold attitude, she considered him a friend. Thus, she was reluctant to leave him behind, when Kizaru gave her the choice to pick which of her comrades she would have to force to save, and while she was force to leave him behind, she felt very guilty of her decision. She was very relived when she heard Sasuke saved Toshiro and the others from Franmalth.

Rangiku Matsumoto Edit

Like all other Fairy Tail members, she sees Rangiku as an honorary member of Fairy Tail.

Sasuke Uchiha Edit

Like all other Fairy Tail members, she sees Sasuke as an honorary member of Fairy Tail.

Freed Justine

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

As one of Fiore strongest wizard guild, Fairy Tail's, S-Class wizard, Mirajane is a powerful wizard. Her strength and skill, were later recognized by the Alliance, to assign her as a captain for the 3rd Division. Despite her lack to kill, due to her gentle nature, she still takes her role seriously. She was even able to hold over against Marine Admrial Kizaru, during the first and second battle of Haregon, along with 3rd Division commander Kakashi Hatake and with the Anti-Devil Fruit Unit. Mirajane was able to take on Momonga a vice admiral in the navy on which the admiral admitted that she would've made and excellent ally.


Immense Magic Power

Mirajane as an S-Class Wizard of the Fairy Tail possess an immense amount Magic Power. When she first activated Satan Soul after two years of dormancy, her Magic Power completely destroyed the ground around her in a wide area and lifted a nearby river. When exerted it is purple in colour.

Take Over (接収, テイクオーバー, Teiku Ōbā): Mirajane is a skilled user of Take Over, a type of Magic which, as the name suggests, allows her to take over the powers and appearances of particular creatures she really "knows". She shares such Magic with her siblings Elfman and Lisanna, something which made them known as the "Take Over Siblings". The particular form she employs shares the name of her signature spell Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru). Due to the nature of Mirajane's Take Over, she has the ability to control Demons and manipulate them to do her bidding. Whilst having control over the tentacle Demons, Mirajane was able to cause them to simultaneously explode.

  • Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru)
    Mirajane's Satan Soul

    Mirajane's Satan Soul.

    : Satan Soul is a very powerful spell, as well as the source of her epithet "The Demon" (魔人 Majin). Satan Soul allows her to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of a demonic being. When she activated it for the first time after two years of abstinence, she released a large magical blast which destroyed the surrounding area. Satan Soul is initiated by seemingly covering Mirajane’s body in flat, square-shaped scales-like parts, which subsequently disappear, revealing her new appearance. In such state, her eyes, eyelashes, ears, and hair all change drastically, and dark, thin markings appear all over her body. Her forearms and hands become covered in scales, and each sprouts a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. She also grows a large, stocky tail, seemingly made of metal plates or scales. Her clothing also changes, with any attire she might be wearing being replaced by a dark, skimpy one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. She also dons a pair of gauntlets covering the back parts of her transformed arms.
    • Flight
    • Enhanced Endurance:
    • Immense Strength:
    • Enhanced Speed:
    • Enhanced Durability:
    • Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Mirajane has proven herself to be a skilled user of Darkness Magic.Using the Magic as her game-changer in most of her fights. She was able to match and defeat Freed Justine's own Dark Écriture: Darkness. Mirajane has shown to be able to use this Magic to enhance her physical combat capabilities, create powerful blasts, explosions, shields and even shape it into claw like tendrils capable of chasing after opponents.
      • Darkness Stream: Mirajane extends her hand towards the opponent and summons forth her Magic Seal underneath her opponent, where a multitude of large tendrils composed of dark energy is formed, which surround and envelope the opponent. It was used against Freed, who evaded it, thus leaving its full effects unknown.
      • Demon Breath
      • Darkness Orbs:
      • Evil Spark
      • Soul Extinction: Mirajane initiates this attack by gathering energy from the surrounding area between her hands, which subsequently takes the form of a large, black globe. The globe then fires a large black-purple beam that generates a devastating explosion.
  • Satan Soul: Halphas (ハルファス Harufasu)
    Satan Soul Halphas

    Mirajane's Halphas form

    :A Satan Soul form that allows the user to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of the demon Halphas. In such state, the users' ears are covered by sky long blue scales, extending backwards, and gain pointed edges, bearing resemblance to those of fictional elfs. Users also gain similar scale-like armor in their forearms and hands as well as in their legs. Each forearm also receives a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. They also grow a large, sky blue, stocky tail seemingly made of metal plates or scales, getting smaller and smaller near its end. The clothes also change, with any attire the user might be donning being replaced by a light blue and dark blue, one-piece suit revealing their arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of the belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. This Satan Soul form also dons two angel-like wings that are always pointing upwards.
  • Satan Soul: Leraje: In this Satan Soul form she wears a golden, demonic looking outfit that exposed her midriff. Her top had black lightning-based designs across her chest. She also had large batwings sprouting from her back as well.
    • Evil Lighting: Mirajane fires black lighting at her opponent. This can't be dodged and will follow the opponentwho has greatly sinned. This powerful enough that it hurt Kizaru and that it causedhim to use his Haki on his arms just to defend himself the second time.
    • Enhanced Speed':
  • Satan Soul Forneus: Mirajane sports a Demonic looking armor, Long think tail and goat horns.
    • Absorption :
    • Enhanced Defense: In this form se was able to withstand a Haki Imbedded kick. Though it still hurt slightly.
  • Satan Soul: Sitri

    Mirajane's Satan Soul: Stiri

    (シュトリ Shutori):Sitri is a form of Satan Soul which, much like its normal counterpart, allows its user to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of a demonic being with its legs wrapped in flames. Erza Scarlet describes it as being the strongest soul known in Mirajane Strauss' possession. Mirajane first reveled this form during the X791 Grand Magic Games, during her fight Jenny Realight. In which she defeated in one strike.
    • Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō):
    • Immense Speed:
    • Immense Strength:
    • Flight:
    • Evil Fire:

Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō):

Sleep Magic (眠りの魔法 Nemuri no Mahō):


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