I hope your ready Laxus, Because ever since we failed to finish our battle in the Grand Magic Games, I've been training nonstop to not only kick your ass, But also Jura's ass well-Chapter 64 The Second Battle of Hargeon



History Fairy Tail Manga)Edit

Five World War: PrologueEdit

Five World War: Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

First Hargeon ArcEdit

Second Hargeon ArcEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Lightning God Slayer Magic (雷の滅神魔法 Kaminari no Metsujin Mahō): A form of God Slayer Magic which Orga is known for employing, whose produced element, electricity, is black in color, unlike that of Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. Such distinctive "black lightning" possesses high voltage and great destructive power, and, much like that employed in standard Lightning Magic', can be generated in places away from the caster. This Magic can also be employed in melee combat, allowing Orga to clash with Laxus Dreyar, and his lightning-based powers, on equal terms.

  • Lightning God Hammering Fist
  • Lightning God Rumbling Fist
  • Lightning God Bellow
  • Lightning God Thunderbolt
  • Lightning God Mjölnir
  • 120mm Black Lightning Cannon
  • 240mm Black Lightning Cannon
  • Lightning God Charged Particle Cannon (雷神の荷電粒子砲 Raijin no Kaden Ryūshi Hō): An exceedingly stronger version of 120mm Black Lightning Cannon, possessing almost identical preparation and use, with the only difference being that the previously gathered black electricity completely engulfs Orga's forearms, and is fired from such spot. This spell possesses vast destructive power, with the lightning's voltage being seemingly high enough to completely vaporize what it strikes, eradicating it from existence; when Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon connected with the top part of a building, it created a huge, round hole in it, making all the physical matter previously found there completely vanish.


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