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Before Pergrande Kingdom was formed it was scattered as smaller around countries that under the control of the Gods of Earthland.

The Kingdom was founded in the year X410 when countless of countries in Ishgar joined together. They named it after Deifilia Pergrande who also became the Founder and First Queen. The said person would go on to create God Slayers's Magic.

175 years ago the country in engaged in mass conflict with Kingdom of Fiore which would be known as the Ishgaran War. After the war country is a neutral nation thanks to King at the time David Pergrande .


The Pergrande Kingdom is based on Monarchy with King or Queen as the head of the government. The next head of government is usually the next of kin, who holds the title of Crown Prince or Princess. However the next of kin can only inherit the throne if he or she is 21 years old or older. In that case it goes to second closeness and oldest relative. This person then holds the title of King Regent or Regent Queen and holds onto the throne until the heir turns 21 years old.


Pergrande QuartetEdit

Are the Kingdoms strongest wizards and current acting Royal Guard.


Unlike the Kingdom of Fiore it is no known for it's Magic Guilds. But rather it's Magical Technology. It trades with every country and is known to be the inventor of Magic Vehicles and Airships. It also the country that created God Slayers's Magic.

Relationship with the AllianceEdit

Role in the SeriesEdit

Pergrande is the setting of Five World War: The Maiden of God Slayers

Towns and CitiesEdit


Is the country's capital located just to the near the Centre. It is home to the Government and Royal Family. Who lives in the Kingdom's underground Palace Valhalla.

Odin is famous for it's castle like structure and Underground Palace. That was built during the Ishgar war.

Odin the Capital of Pergrande Kingdom



A City that is near the borders Pergrande and the Country of Bellum.



Is only port City in the country while it is known to have travel roots to the other countries it is not consider wise a choice to do so because most of the south of Ishgar is quite lawless and home to many thieves and pirates.


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Golden Hair and Eyes are common trait among members o the Royal Family