Temari (テマリ, Temari) is a member of Sunagakure's Kazekage clan, and the eldest of the Three Sand Siblings. She is a character of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga. She is currently a soldier of the 4th Division.


History (Naruto Manga)Edit

Temari was born as the first child to Rasa (Fourth Kazekage) and Karura
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Temari as a child

. She was at point considered to become a Jinchuuriki for Shukaku(One-Tail) but it was eventually decided the youngest brother Gaara would become it instead. Growing up a relative to Rasa and Gaara. Temari
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had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage. One boy, however, Daimaru, would spend much time around her, albeit always to play pranks on her. She also used to play with Sen and Yome when they were little girls. Temari also long with other the villagers was scared of Gaara.

Temari along with her brothers Kankuro and Gaara entered the Chunin Exams in the Hidden Leaf Village. At first, she is shown to have an infatuation for Sasuke Uchiha by blushing and becoming mildly excited when she thought he had asked who she was. Sakura Haruno demanded to know why they were in the village on which responded she was being ignorant.

During the preliminary matches of the Exams she faced against TenTen on which the fight was a big curb stomp on which she won easily.

Five World War PrologueEdit

Summit Invasion ArcEdit

Temari along with her younger brother Kankuro were assigned to by the even younger Brother the 5th Kazekage Gaara to accompany as body guards for Five World Summit. Before being picked up by one Chitsujo's Messengers she squalled her brother Kankuro for thinking that Gaara was making up the whole affair. After the messenger had transported them to Chitsujo's Palace they met up with the other current Kage and headed to towards meeting. During the attack on the summit Temari and Kankuro were ordered the Gaara to engaged the enemy. They eventually encountered Vidaldus Taka and engaged him. However at some point in the fight Vidaldus used a spell called Rock of the Succubus to take control of Temari. She was then forced to attack Kankuro who refused to fight because he was afraid of hurting his sister. He was then rescued by the timely arrival Sakura Haruno who quickly used some her medical jutsu to subdue Temari and quickly knock Vidalus. He and sister were then treated at the Medical Bay were they Temari felt guilt in letting the enemy control her and attacking her brother. She then watched as Gaara along with other world leaders agreed and formed the alliance. Afterwards they heard that enemy had already mad their first move thus returned back to the Hidden Sand Village to begin preparations for war.

Five World War Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

Aster Mountains ArcEdit

Mount Hokabe ArcEdit


Alliance Edit

Gaara Edit

Kankuro Edit

4th Division Edit

Shikamaru Nara Edit

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Coalition Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being one of the Fourth Kazekage's children who underwent the grueling training of the Hidden Sand Village, Temari is a talented and highly skilled kunoichi that specializes in long-range combat. Even as a genin, Temari easily managed to defeat her opponent Tenten during the Chūnin Exams and later kill Tayuya, the second strongest member of the Sound Four, both without a single scratch. A few years later she was promoted to the rank of jōnin, chosen to be a bodyguard of the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara and the leader of the group of shinobi who should deal with the Third Raikage during the Fourth Shinobi World War, further attesting to her abilities. She along with Shikamaru and Ino, were able to overpower Satori, a High Priest of Enru. Then later at the Battle of Mt. Hakobe, she was able to defeat Totomaru, a member of Phantom Lord elite team, the Element 4. Without the use of her fan which had been melted by the latter.

Ninjutsu Edit

Nature Transformation Edit

Wind Style Ninjutsu Edit

  • Wind Scythe Jutsu
  • Wind Style: Casting Net
  • Cyclone Scythe Jutsu
  • Wind Style: Heavenly Fanning Jutsu
  • Wind Style: Air Palm
  • Wind Style: Wind Wall Jutsu
  • Scythe Weasel Jutsu

Chakra and Physical Abilities Edit

  • Taijutsu Expert: Despite normally fighting with her fan, Temari has shown to be very skilled in hand to hand combat, as shown during her fight with Totomaru, able to deliver hard pucnhes and drop kicks which according to the wizard, stating "they hurt like hell", and eventually defeating him.
  • Enhanced Strength: By her own claim, she is the physically strongest of the Three Sand Siblings, including her younger brother the 5th Kazekage, Gaara, even stating that she still defeats him through arm wrestle. She even stated she trains her brothers in, training with strength.
  • Enhanced Speed: As a shinobi, she utilize her Chakra to her feet, and move at a faster pace. She was quick enough to dodge, slashes from Totomaru, and by combing her Wind Chakra with her feet, she can move a much faster speed, which according to Totomaru, was almost as fast as a Magic Mobile.


Giant Folding FanEdit


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