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Wave (波動 Hadō)
Wave Shield

Wave in use

: A form of Magic which gives Yuka the ability to dispel other Magic, making him the "Anti-Mage" (対魔導士 Tai Madōshi) par excellence, Wave manifests itself in the form of massive masses of transparent energy, which nullifies any spell on contact, making it an extremely effective form of defense against all Mages, but also possesses remarkable destructive power when directed at foes, granting Yuka a useful means of offense, which, as an added advantage, can't be defended against with Magic. As a form of defense, Wave can be used to create a shield that nullifies all incoming magical attacks and zaps the attacker should they try and encroach upon the barrier. However, Magic can be still be used outside the barrier to enhance the power of the part of the body trapped inside the barrier. The Lamia Scale Mage is also shown able to momentarily seal away an opponent's Magic without the need to directly strike them, making Wave a very versatile set of skills.